We have yet another engineer in Sarah (mechanical). But her real passion is sewing. Sarah is sharing her knowledge of classic and heirloom sewing through her tutorials on her YouTube channel Sarah Classic Sewing. When she is not sewing (which she would rather do than eat or sleep), she is taking care of Miss Audrey and gladly accompanying Charley on those visits to the Kubota dealer. Sarah will be doing a lot of the tractor work during the building of Nest. Like she says: “Just some levers and knobs, and you can lift almost anything with a tractor.”

username: slowvannahfarms




With undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer engineering, Kent might seem to be a certified geek. But contrary to the stereotype, Kent is a gifted athlete and a craftsman. Unique for his time, Kent has managed to hold down the same job since he graduated college (shortly after the demise of the dinosaurs). Kent will be providing IT support and construction muscle/expertise in the Nest Cabin endeavor when he is not trying to find a pick-up basketball game in the area.

In case you can’t tell, Audrey is the youngest member of the staff. Her schooling at this point consists mostly of trying to learn how to get smashed bananas in her mouth rather than her ear. She is also working on learning how to escape her play yard so she can help her mother sew and she is concentrating on growing hair. Audrey will be providing the pixie dust needed to make Nest a special place.

Penny has a degree in journalism and has managed commercial property for a number of years. She will be the person in charge of words in this sea of engineers and will also be providing babysitting services for the youngest member of the staff. Penny wants to be tall and a ballerina when she grows up.


Don’t let Charley’s fancy schooling fool you (he has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and a graduate degree in welding engineering), Charley is anything but a fancy guy. His idea of a night on the town is a trip to the tractor dealer to look at new accessories for his beloved Kubota. Charley will be providing the bulk of the labor for this enterprise. And he is doing it with his in-laws along for the ride.

All together now: “Poor Charley.”