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For many, rustic and elegance are not a natural fit. For us, their combination is the driving force behind the decisions that will shape the Nest Cabins experience. The rustic part is easy – Nest is located in the mountains outside of Asheville and is surrounded by natural beauty. The cabins themselves will be simple hand-crafted, timber-framed cabins and you can’t get more rustic than that.

Where the elegance comes into play is in the furnishings and amenities. The décor of Nest will include hand-crafted items and unique artwork. The philosophy behind our design is William Morris’ quote: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

If we do this right, your time at Nest will be filled with lots of pleasant surprises. Since all linens will be of high quality and washed in special detergents to provide extra softness and comfort, you will have a pleasant surprise when you climb into a comfortable, roomy well-dressed bed at the end of a long day of hiking or when you reach for a soft, thick, fresh-smelling towel after a hot shower. And be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the well-appointed kitchen.

And outside of your cabin, there will be amenities that are not typical for cabins in this area. The Gathering Spot is one of those. It will be a barn-like structure open to all Nest residents. It will include a billiard table, a reading room, a piano, a room for meditation or yoga, an area for games and puzzles, an area for cookouts, and an outdoor fire pit.

Another unique amenity at Nest is the presence of the owners. Our philosophy at Nest is if you are here, we are here. So if you need anything from fresh towels, to a cup of sugar, to recommendations for a good, local restaurant, you have only to ask.

We are looking forward to sharing Nest with you and providing you with a mountain stay filled with pleasant surprises.